Mother and Son Well Endowed Son

Ashley walked down the street glancing out the corner of her eyes at Carl, who was walking along next to her. She found his nervousness slightly amusing, but knew that to laugh would not only be rude, but might serve to intimidate him, and that was the one thing she definitely didn’t want to happen. She had quickly set her sights on Carl the moment she had seen him during basketball practice. She had been shocked again when she had looked out her upstairs bedroom window at the house next door to find out that this beautiful hunk of manhood lived right next to her!

Ashley knew the effect she had on men. She was small-framed, almost fragile-looking, standing just barely five feet tall and weighing an even one hundred pounds. Her tits, which are a firm 34C, seemed almost too large for her small frame, but they definitely caught the attention of men. That, combined with her waist-length, inky black hair, and the fine Oriental features of her face, were more than enough to drive most men into dreams of lust and desire over her. Yet, Ashley was very particular as to who she let fuck her. She liked to pick the men who found her attractive…

She had finally made a move since Carl seemed to be shy enough to get her to make the first move. She asked him if he would care to walk home with her since they were neighbors and she didn’t know anyone. He had blushed and nodded, delighting her, taking her books from her, and walking along beside her without saying much. As they reached the front door of her house, she glanced down and saw the bulge in his jeans and felt a shiver of excitement shoot through her body.

“I guess Mom’s not home, she said to Carl, turning to smile up at him. She likes to get out in the afternoon. She’s probably out making some new friends. Wanna stick around for a little while?”

“Sure”, Carl replied instantly, blushing slightly, causing her to laugh lightly.

“You know, Carl, she told him softly, You are about the quietest guy I’ve ever known”.

Carl’s face turned even redder as he followed her up the stairs, loving the sight of her tiny, heart-shaped ass in her jeans. This girl was really something, she was so sure of herself, so clever.

“I think we’re really alone”, she said, turning towards him slightly. Carl sat down beside her on the landing and she could feel the heat radiating from his body, making her glad her mom wasn’t home. This would provide her with the privacy she needed to find out if her assessment of Carl was correct, to find out if he could fuck her the way she loved being fucked.

“Take off your shoes, she urged him. This carpet feels fantastic. Oh, wow! Look at the way the sun shines on that statue down there. It’s almost like a spotlight!”.

He looked in the direction of her pointing arm, down to the foyer at a small statue standing there. “This statue is my favorite in the whole house. What do you think?”, she asked him. Carl looked down at the statue as he finished removing his shoes and socks. There it stood, against one wall of the foyer. It was one of those ancient Greek things scaled down to about four feet in height, of a naked athletic guy. Then Carl noticed something else…

“Holy shit!”, he muttered. He hadn’t seen it at first, because he had been looking at the statue from the front and above, instead of in profile. Ashley rubbed the sole of her foot playfully across Carl’s toes.

“What do you mean, Holy shit?”. She could see his cheeks flame and knew exactly what he meant. The statue had a big, long prick, which stuck straight up in the air. She let her foot rest heavily on top of Carl’s, wiggling her toes. Ashley slid closer to him. Her leg pressed against his. Her leg was warm, just like the rest of her. She rubbed her foot over his instep, then laughed and punched his shoulder playfully.

“Well?, What silly? We brought it all the way from Chicago with us. It’s a satyr”.

“Oh”, Carl said, nodding his head, although she was sure he didn’t know what a satyr was.

“He’s got a pretty big one, doesn’t he?”, she asked, glancing quickly down at Carl’s crotch.

“I… I guess so”, Carl stammered. Ashley leaned her head on his shoulder, feeling a slight tremor of excitement course through her at the contact. If Carl didn’t make a move soon, she was going to attack him right there on the stairs.

“I’ll bet yours is pretty big, too”, she said softly. She felt Carl shiver as she put her hand on his chest, sliding it down his nylon jacket, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. She eased her hand on down, finally closing it around this throbbing cock. Her own head seemed to flush with heat as she gently squeezed his cock, her breath coming out in a hot whisper.

“Oh, God, it is big !. I just knew it would be !”.

“Oh, Damn, Ashley ! I feel like I’m going to blow my load right now !”, he panted.

Ashley hugged him to her, pulling his head down and crushing her lips to his own. She tasted his mouth, her tongue rubbing against her tits, which were warm, spongy and pointed. He felt so good against her and she couldn’t wait to get his cock inside her. She felt his hips jerking and knew he was cumming in his pants.

Yet, she wasn’t completely disappointed. While she would much rather have had him cum in her pussy, or her mouth, she knew that by his early cum, he would last longer when they finally did get around to fucking. Plus, she was was very flattered… He moaned, grinding his crotch against her own. Ashley petted his head, caressing his back, sucking his lips and humping her cunt against his cock. Her hot hand pried under the waistband of his jeans and the moment she did, Carl’s cock seemed to find another load of cum to send shooting out of it. His underwear was becoming drenched. It was weird…

Ashley kissed him on the nose and stroked his head as he finally relaxed.

“Feel better now ?”, she asked softly. Carl began to giggle, he couldn’t help it. The sudden explosion of all the sexual tension which had been building up since the first day he had spotted her had left him giddy.

“Good, Ashley told him, easing him off of her. Take off your jeans, now. I want to see how much cum you shot”. Although they were the same age, Ashley felt so much more mature and older than Carl. “Oh, my god !, Ashley gasped as he slipped down his jeans. The outline of his cock came clearly into view, still as hard as a rock. You shot a lot !”, she told him. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes for a moment.

Carl leaned back slightly. His mind was becoming clearer, although he thought that at any moment he would wake up from his dream. Ashley wasn’t real - she just couldn’t be.

“Take off your shorts, Ashley told him softly. I want to see all of you”. Her green eyes looked at him and shone. She saw him tremble slightly again, but he eased off his shorts, lifting his feet as he slid them down his long legs and completely off. He was completely naked now, and that was the way Ashley wanted him, but as she looked down at his cock, her eyes went wide as she finally got a full look at Carl’s prick.

Ashley considered herself as something of an authority on cocks, and she had even been told by her girlfriend that Carl had a reputation of being hung like a horse, but the cock jutting up from his crotch would have made a horse blush in shame !. His cock had to be the longest, thickest cock she had ever seen on a man in her life !. Feeling a sudden flush of desire, she dropped his shorts and dove between his legs. Her lips mashed against his balls, her nose along the backside of his prick.

She heard Carl gasp, then sigh as her warm tongue lapped at his balls, the tip of her tongue probing underneath his sac. He fell back, bracing himself with his elbows and spreading his legs, giving her greater access to his cock and balls. Ashley pressed her hands against his inner thighs to force his legs even wider apart. Carl watched Ashley as if entranced. He couldn’t believe the things she was doing to him. Things no other woman had ever done. Shit, none of the girls he went out with would even try to suck his cock, and about a third of them wanted to change their minds about fucking the minute they saw his cock. He had gotten some of the reluctant ones to fuck by sucking their pussies first, but most of them still felt uncomfortable when they finally fucked. He knew the other guys were always making comments about his ‘Donkey dick’, and that they were envious of his ten and a half inches, but they didn’t realize that the length of it, combined with two and a half inches width of it made it uncomfortable for most women.

And now, as he looked down at the tiny, petite Ashley, he wondered if she would be able to take all of him. He fell back completely, resting on his back as he stretched his arms out behind him. Ashley knew she had him. He would be at her beck and call for as long as she wanted him, and she could have his beautiful body and magnificent cock whenever she wanted it. Carl’s cock felt so good against her lips, so hard, so hot and so silky at the same time. But she had other plans for this beautiful slab of meat than just suck it till her tongue wore out. She moved upwards, her warm tongue lapping at his giant cockhead now.

Then, unable to control herself any longer, she crammed the massive head of his cock into her mouth, her lips stretching farther than they ever had before over any cock. She heard him moan as her lips formed a tight seal around the flared cockhead. His cock felt as if it were getting longer, harder, fatter, although she didn’t think that possible. The prickhead expanded inside her small mouth, filling it, stretching her lips and jaws painfully. She cupped his balls, feeling them squirming around inside their sac.

Without warning, her head moved slowly up and down his prick, her thick lips tugging at his cockshaft, her green eyes glinting at him seductively. Then, she jerked her mouth off his cock. She held his spit-shiny prick by the base, her green eyes roving up and down its length. Carl’s cock was so exciting, so beautiful to her, and she was holding it so tightly that his cockhead looked ready to pop off the shaft.

“Beautiful !, Ashley whispered, licking her lips while she smiled at Carl. There’s nothing I love more than a big, hard cock, and lover, you’ve got the biggest one I’ve ever seen in my life”. She asked him, bending her head to kiss the tip of it before looking up at him again “Have you ever measured it ?”.

She saw his sudden embarrassment over her language and actions and knew he wasn’t used to a woman speaking out in such a manner. Before he could reply, she stood up, motioning for him to stand as well. When he did, she took his cock in her hand and began walking down the hallway.

“Come on, lover, I’ve got to check this out !”.

She let him into her bedroom, closing the door behind them as she turned and pressed her body up against his, kissing him passionately. Their tongues intertwined as his cock burned against her stomach beneath her cut-off sweatshirt. God, she wanted to have him fuck her so bad, to cram that big beautiful cock of his into her cunt and fuck her until she couldn’t walk. But first, she had to play out the love game she had devised to make sure a man always stayed with her till she was through with him.

She ended the kiss and stepped back, directing him to her bed. She made him lay down, watching as he climbed up on the bed, his face grinning as he looked at her in anticipation of soon being able to fuck her. She stepped back until she was bathed in the sunlight streaming in through the window. Her black hair shimmered as if individual strands had been waxed and buffed. She smiled to herself as she unsnapped her jeans and slowly unzipped them, watching Carl’s mouth drop open in avid anticipation of seeing her naked. She saw his cock vibrate as he realized he would soon be seeing her cunt, her ass, all of her bare and standing before him in all her glory.

Ashley reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She dropped her arms to her side and her bra tumbled to the floor, allowing her tits to spring free. Her nipples were big, pink and stiff. It caused Carl’s cock to jerk again. Ashley dove for the strand of shiny precum which hung from the pricktip, catching it with her mouth. She squatted down on her heels beside the bed, licking his cock clean, her big tits juggling. Carl couldn’t stand the excitement. Almsot as if his hands belonged to another person, he watched them clasp around Ashley’s head. His bloated cockhead nudged her lips, forcing its way between them. Her mouth opened and he rammed his cock in.

Ashley gagged momentarily, her eyes going wide as Carl began humping his hips, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth, hammering at the back of her throat. Ashley didn’t mind, she enjoyed it when a man went from shy and docile to one who was in control, wild and demanding. She liked being dominated as long as it didn’t turn violent. That was something she wouldn’t tolerate. Right now, his cock felt enormous, as if his prick had doubled in size. It felt red-hot to her lips, which felt as if they were stretched to the limit around his massive shaft. She reached up and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, feeling them tightening in her hand as they prepared to unleash their heavy load into her mouth.

Suddenly, his cum flooded through his cock, blasting into her. The first gush completely coated her throat before she could pull her head back and somewhat. She managed to catch the second blast in her mouth, letting it coat her teeth and gums, working her tongue around the head of his cock as she sucked on him, wanting to drain every last drop out of him. She continued sucking on Carl’s cock as she played with herself, bringing herself to a small, but still satisfying orgasm as Carl finally stopped shooting his cum into her mouth. Carl fucked his cock in and out a few more times, but finally pulled his cock from her lips with a loud pop. As he fell backwards on the bed, arms and legs flung wide, she licked her lips and swallowed the last of his cum, savoring the taste of it. Then, she stood up, her tits jiggling as she did.

“Whew !. You’re a wild man when you get going”.

“Sorry,” he told her somewhat shamefully. “I… I guess I got a little carried away. It’s just that most women won’t suck my cock, and lot of them won’t let me fuck them, because of my size”. She grinned at him. “No need to be sorry. I like my men with a little spunk in them. I was waiting for you to start feeling yours”.

Carl raised up, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at his prick. It was soft at last. It hung there, over the edge of the pink bed spread, dangling down between his legs. He had one of those cocks which was nearly as long soft as when it was hard, unlike a lot of guys, whose pricks got much longer and fatter upon erection. Ashley reached down and touched it lightly with a finger, feeling its softness.

“Soft?” she asked, amazed. Then she frowned : But it’s still so large !. She lifted her bare foot and nudged his prick with her toes. The big cock swayed heavily. “Wow ! I never saw one that big when it was soft”. Carl grinned shyly and she could see he was a little embarrassed but somewhat proud of his male equipment. No wonder she had heard comments concerning his size, he deserved to be talked about it !.

Ashley went to the desk in the corner and grabbed a ruler from the drawer, returning to squat between Carl’s spread legs, urging him to slide his ass more towards the edge of the bed, letting his prick dangle free in the air.

“I wish I could find my tape measure,” she told me with a smile. “That would be more accurate and I could measure around it as well”. She butted the ruler against Carl’s groin, then lifted the cock where it curved over his balls, laying it flat against the ruler.

“Am I stretching it any ?”, she asked..

“No, I don’t think so”, Carl replied.

“Eight and a half inches!” Ashley said, reading the ruler. “And I knows it gets much bigger when it’s hard !. The biggest one I ever measured soft was only six and a half inches. Well,” she said with an impish grin, “that proves it, country boys have bigger cocks than city boys. Now we’ll measure it hard,” she said as she stood up. “And I want it real hard, as hard as it can get”.

“Ashley, I just came twice in a row, Carl frowned at her. I just can’t make it hard whenever I want. The poor thing is tired”, he added with a laugh.

“Well, maybe you can’t make it hard, but I sure can, and probably when I want”, she purred, smilling seductively at him.

She tossed her head, throwing her black hair back over her shoulders. She looked at him smugly, raising her turned up nose just a little higher. She stood with her hands on her incredibly tiny waist. Her pink nipples appeared to redden, to glow in the sunlight. Her lips flushed like her nipples, especially when she moistened them. She grinned slightly as she saw Carl’s cock start to twitch, rising to about half-mast in a few quick jerks. She smiled at him as if to say, what did I tell you ?. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties, then, with her lips parted seductively, and gazing into Carl’s eyes, she pulled her panties down her smooth legs. Then she stood there, smiling at him, her pussy looking furry and warm as the sunlight fell on her. She held her panties up, letting them dangle between her index and thumb, then she tossed them on Carl. She noticed that now his prick was every bit as hard and ready to go as if he hadn’t cum at all and she went out before before he could answer. “All right, stand up and let me measure that beautiful hunk of hard meat”.

Carl stood. His prick stood up almost vertically for a second, then slowly lowered till it was sticking straight out his body from its own weight and size. Ashley dropped to her knees in front of him to measure his cock, grabbing his hips to hold him still.

“Dont move, Damn it ! As soon as I’m done measuring you, we’re going to fuck !”. She felt the thunder ripple through him at that. He had cum twice in the last twenty minutes or so, but she was going to make him cum again, this time in her beautiful little pussy…

“Son of a bitch !, she gasped, holding the ruler against the shaft of his cock. Ten and a half inches !. But it curves up a little bit, so it might even measure out to eleven with a tape measure. God !, I’ve never been fucked by one this size. She seemed really stunned as she turned the ruler so that it was laying across his cock to measure its width. Just a little over two inches. To hell with this !, she said, throwing the ruler away and climbing onto the bed. C’mon, stud”.

She grabbed Carl’s cock and pulled him onto the bed with her. Lying on her back, Ashley brought her knees up to her shoulders, presenting Carl with her gaping, dripping cunt. Carl’s cock bounced up and down and he was sure he would blow his nuts before he could even get his cock into her pussy. Ashley tugged gently at her cunt lips, spreading herself wide open. She knew it was a blatantly sexual pose, and one guaranteed to arouse. Ashley’s whole body quivered and was flushed with excitement. The deep pussy cavern between her legs felt like it was pulsating as she awaited Carl’s monster cock to fill her cunt to capacity.

“Fuck me, Carl!”, she urged him,”shove that monster in me!. Make me feel it and cum, quick darling!”.

She couldn’t ever remember being this hot for a man and his equipment before. She watched nervously as Carl knelt between her legs, guiding his cockhead towards the slit of her throbbing cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he drew closer and she could feel his body trembling as well. All at once, he flexed his hips and crashed down on top of her.

“Aagghhh ! Oh, yesss!”, Ashley screamed as his huge cock slid all the way into her, stuffing her cunt as it had never been stuffed before. For a moment, Carl lay on top of her, giving her time to get used to the incredible size and bulk of his cock in her tight little cunt, for which she was grateful. She relaxed the muscles of her cunt to grasp it till her hairy pussy lips kissed his groin.

Ashley wrapped her legs tightly around his hips as he began to move his ass up and down, kicking her heels at his ass cheeks. Her fingernails clawed at his back and her skin quivered. Her nipples felt harder than rocks as they stabbled at his chest. She sound crazy, tossing her head from side to side on the pink bedspread as Carl worked his cock in and out of her. Carl fucked her mercilessly, starting out slow, with long, deep strokes. The hot sensations shot all through her as his cock pulled out of her cunt, and then eased back into it, sending heat radiating throughout her body from head to toes.

Ashley humped wildly, her pussy sucking at his cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to whimper softly, starting out with a low keening sound and gradually building to a loud anguished wail of unadulterated pleasure as his cock continued to thrust into her cunt. She was cumming like she had never cum before. Her body was bucking beneath his like a bronco as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, trying to capture his cock inside her forever.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice bouncing off the walls of her bedroom as she felt his cock firing its load of scalding cum into her cunt. It splashed against her womb, blending with her own cum and sending her completely over the edges of sanity. Again and again, the muscles of her pussy clamped down so tightly around Carl’s cock shaft that it felt as if they would cramp, forever trapping his large tool deep within the hot confines of her cunt. And, at that particular moment, nothing in the world would have pleased her more…

She had never felt so good before. For all her fucking and sucking, no man had ever brought her to this peak of sexual delight. Her body shivered as the image of what Carl could do to her when he became a more experienced lover to her.

“Oh, God, Ashley… I think I’m in love”, she heard Carl whisper softly into her ear as he rested deeply embedded in her. She hugged him to her tightly, tears forming lovingly in her eyes, thinking that it wouldn’t be so hard to fall in love with Carl either. In fact, maybe it was time she started to think about settling down with just one man. She wasn’t quite ready to get married just yet, as she wanted to finish college first, but who knew what could happen if concentrated her love and attention on just one man. Especially if that one man was Carl.

She had seen Ashley laying across the table in front of her brother, her legs spread wide. Her brother was grinning before her, all naked. His cock was as big as any Donna had seen, and jutted straight out from his loins, twitching and jerking.

“How was it, sweetheart. Was it as good as your new boyfriend ?”, he asked Ashley.

“Yeah, I guess so. His face dimming somewhat as he stared at her, puzzled. In some ways you are better, and in some ways he is”.

“For instance?”.

“Well, Carl’s cock is a lot bigger than yours. At least two inches longer and a half an inch thicker. Now, he fucks me like a wild man and can last for hours. But then, even if he’s learning, you still have more technique…”

As Donna listened in stunned silence, she felt aroused. She thought Hal had a big cock, but to find out that Carl, her handsome son, had an even bigger one, and so much bigger, sent delicious thrills of sexuality shooting all through her body !.

“But you know, Hal, he’s turned into the best pussyeaters I’ve ever known and when he finally learns how to use that magnificent ten and a half inch cock he’s got, I’ll probably will marry him”.

Ten and a half inches ! Donna nearly fainted upon hearing that and missed Ashley comment about marrying Carl.

‘Oh God !’ she moaned softly, trying to imagine what something that big would feel like stuffed up her hot pussy. She looked back up just as Hal was pulling Ashley into a sitting position on the table. Sitting upright and crossing her legs, she closed her eyes. Like a ghost which had never really left her, Carl’s face reappeared behind her closed lids. Donna moaned, working fingers into her cunt. As she began to work at her pussy, fingering herself., Carl began to smile. Donna envisioned his cock fucking in and out of her cunt. She contracted the muscles of her pussy as she manipulated her son’s phantom cock. His cock was so big, bigger than Hal’s That’s what Ashley had said. And, also according to Ashley, Carl knew how to use his large prick.

Donna hung up the phone as Carl entered the kitchen through the backdoor.

“Hi, Mom, he said, grinning impishly. You and Dad have a good time last night ?”. She blushed as she saw the gleam of amusement in his eyes.

“What do you mean by that ?”, she asked, unable to hide her own grin as she turned back to the stove. Neither of them said anything for a moment and she turned to see if he was still there. He was, but he was also looking at her in a way he had never looked at her before.

“What’s the matter ?”, she asked.

“I guessed it’s kind of improper to think of your mother as beautiful and sexy, but face it, Mom, you’re a fox”, he replied with a grin.

She turned off the stove and sat down at the table beside him, taking one of his strong hands in both of her own, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Thank you, sweetheart. And from what I’ve heard from Sherry, you’re quite a stud, with a very talented, huge cock”. Carl stood speechless, his eyes going wide as his face turned to beet-red at her words. She stood up, stepping around the edge of the table to sit on his lap. She felt his cock twitch in his jeans and smiled. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. She heard Carl groan and felt his cock jerking against her ass as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Oh, Mom, I’ve thought about this so many times !. God, the nights I’ve lain in bed and jacked off, imagining that I was fucking you…”. “Good”, she whispered, lowering one arm and reaching between his legs to grab his stiff cock.

She smiled as she let her hand come to rest on his upper thigh, feeling his cock jump and twitch at her touch. She squeezed it gently through the material of his pants, marvelling at the hugeness of it. It was definitely bigger than Jona’s.

He stood up and quickly tore off his own shirt, exposing his thick, muscular chest, and then tore off his pants to reveal his cock, which caused Donna to gasp in shock !. She had thought her husband’s cock was large but Carl’s cock was well over ten inches long and quite thick too.

The two of them rushed up the stairs to her bedroom where she practically tore her clothes off, all the while glancing at him. Then she kneeled on the bed next to Carl, his mammoth cock jutting out from his groin, actually tilting over towards his stomach from its length and girth. Carl’s prick was the longest, thickest and most awesome cock Donna had ever seen in her life. She wondered if she would be able to take all of him. Yet, when she wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft, it seemed to grow even larger. She watched fascinated as the huge hunk of prick meat grew longer and thicker. “Oh, Carl, I never imagined it was so big. I didn’t know a young man’s cock could get this big !…”.

She held his huge prick by the base, sniffing the length of his cock, flicking her tongue up and down over the vein-gnarled shaft. She smiled at Carl, then stretched her jaws as wide as she could get them, and engulfed the head of his cock. The feel of Carl’s ivory smooth cockshaft between her stretched lips made her mouth and throat tingle like her cunt. She sucked, bobbing her head, hungry for her son’s cum.

She hugged his massive cock, rubbing the hot monster all over her face, lips and nose.Once again she swallowed his big cock. She bobbed her head up and down, mouth-fucking his cock.She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking all around the cock’s crown, licking up the small drop of precum that had formed before starting to work her way down the sides of the gigantic prick. She had to stop when the spongy head reached the entrance to her throat. Opening her eyes, she realized that she had only taken about four inches of his massive thing.

She couldn’t believe how stuffed she felt with just that !. The gigantic head of his cock completely filled her mouth, masking her tongue flat. She changed her angle and began to slowly lower her head. She concentrated on forcing the muscles of her throat to relax, feeling the huge head of the cock slowly pushing them wider and wider apart, and then, with a sudden rush the head slipped past those muscles and began to ease down Donna’s throat. She had to breath through her nose as she fought the gagging reflex, feeling as if her throat were being stretched by the massive cock, but suddenly she found her lips wrapped almost around the base of his giant shaft.

She heard him gasp in surprise and pleasure. She smiled as she thought she was probably the first to deep throat his huge member, and the experience was thrilling him. The realization that she had sucked almost all ten plus inches into her mouth and throat sent shivers of delight coursing through Donna’s body. Taking a deep breath through her nose, Donna hesitated only a second before shoving her head all the way down in one swift motion.

“Oh wow !, no one had ever do that !”, she heard him cry softly as her lips locked around the girth of his cock. His words pleased her and she began to raise her head till just the crown of his cock was trapped between her lips.

Then she began to fuck her face up and down of his long shaft, letting it work its way deep into her throat on each downward thrust. She slowly raised her head, exerting a powerful sucking pressure on his cock as she did, until she reached the top. Once she had just the crown firmly in her mouth, she used her tongue to whip all around it, hearing the moans of pleasure she was bringing from Carl.

She wanted to bring him off fast. She squeezed his nuts, applying pressure slightly as she forced her head all the way down on his throbbing erection, locking her lips around it. She felt his cockhead expand, and with a groan of release his cum erupted. She swallowed the first two spurts, then quickly jerked her head up to where she could catch the rest of his cum in her mouth. It filled her mouth, causing her cheeks to bulge out, and quite a lot of it escaped her lips to run down her chin no matter how fast she tried to swallow it.

“I just hope that Sherry can learn to do that just half as good as you do”.

“She will”, she told him with a confidence she wasn’t sure she felt completely. After all, his cock was huge !.

It was one that most women wouldn’t think about trying to deep throat, or even stick it in their mouth.

Somehow, Donna knew that this was his first time ever and that he wasn’t real sure as to how to proceed. She reached between their bodies, and grasped his cock in both of her hands and guided the apple-sized head to her cunt, placing it between the swollen lips. “Oh god !”, she moaned as he lunged forward in, pushing the head of his cock into her dripping cunt.

“Easy, Carl, please, go easy !”, she begged as she clasped her arms around his neck to kiss his open mouth.

Donna screamed as the huge head of his cock forced the walls of her pussy apart, stretching them wider and wider. She tentatively raised her knees, placing them on either side of his hips, and learned that that action seemed to make the passage even easier and more enjoyable. It also allowed him to push his oversized cock deeper into her pussy.

She felt her cunt clamp down on his shaft behind the head involuntarily, knowing he was stopping long enough for her to get used to his massive thickness. But as the muscles began to relax, she felt him gradually pushing more and more of his cock into her.

Carl was lost to the passionate feelings that raged through him and couldn’t control himself. With a lunge of his powerful hips, he drove his cock into Donna in one long powerful shove.

“You’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest…”.

“Roll over”‘ she whispered, feeling him wrap his arms around her so that she was now on top of him. She sat thus, feeling his cock push its way deeper up inside her, and sighed with a feeling of contentment at the stretched, full feelings it gave her. She moved her hips in small circles for a moment, enjoying the feeling. But then, she smiled at him and removed herself from his cock.

He placed on of his big hands in the small of her back, while the other parted the cheeks of her ass. He grabbed her by the hips and began slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. In this position, he was able to shove his cock even further than before and she felt the head of it touching, spreading and filling her in places that no other man had ever touched within her.

She was on her hands and knees, placing two of the pillows beneath her stomach and propping her beatiful heart-shaped ass up the air. Slowly he began to pull back, causing another outburst of whimpers and moans to escape from Donna’s lips. She had been fucked from behind many times, by Jonas, but he had always gone slowly, taking his time. “Go slow”‘ she urged him, her voice a whisper.

In reply, he reached around in front of her and began to play with her clit as he slowly pushed inch after thick inch of gigantic cock into her. She reached back with one hand and realized that there was still over half of the rod left to go and already she felt more stuffed than she had ever been.In her mind, she pictured the huge cock of her husband driving in and out of her, its size seeming to split her apart each time it entered her, to touch places inside of her that she had never dreamed were reachable before she married him.

Suddenly her cunt felt empty and she realized he had pulled his cock completely out. She was about to beg him to stick it back in her, to refill her hot cunt, when Donna felt the wet cockhead probe against her puckered lips again.

“Oh, no, Carl ! You’re too much !”, she moaned, reaching behind her to grab at his cock, wanting to guide it back safely in her cunt. But just as her hands found the organ, his own hands pulled the cheeks of her ass widely apart, and he shoved forward powerfully with his lips. She arched her back and screamed as the head of his cock slid in back into the hot wetness one more time, and before she could draw another breath, Carl gripped her by the hips and slammed forward again.

In the mirror at the head of the bed, she watched as he braced himself on his hands and began slamming his cock in and out of her, amazed at the sight of that huge pole of flesh vanishing inside her, only to reappear a second or so later.

Just as she was on the verge of cumming he arched his back and drove his cock into her so hard that he actually moved her up to about six inches on the bed. Her eyes flew open wide as she felt the head of his cock expand and then his hot cum boil out of it. She felt his cockhead throb deep within her, feeling as if it were expanding to twice its size, and then her insides were flooded by his gushing spurts of hot cum.

She moaned softly as her nipples began to harden once again under the stimulation. His giant cock moved slowly in and out of her pussy, easier now that it had been stretched to the limit and lubricated with her juices and his.

With a sigh, she remembered the size of Carl’s cock and how it had stuffed her pussy so completely. True, it had been difficult at first. For the past two weeks, the two of them had fucked every chances they’ve got. She had taught him all she could about lovemaking and now she know he could please any woman he made love to. And with that monster-sized cock of his, would drive them crazy.

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