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Mother and Son Mother’s Naughty Negligee

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Albert was sitting in front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date. She glanced at him suspiciously as she stepped in the front door closing it behind her. “Were you waiting up for me young man?”

The sixteen-year-old looked down at his lap sheepishly and smiled. “Sort of,” he replied honestly.

Moura laughed and ambled behind him ruffling his hair playfully. “Worried about me Honey?” “Well Jeez Mom, there’re a lot of crazy’s out there and it’s past midnight. Besides, I don’t trust that Dave guy.” (more…)

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Mother and Son Huge

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Heather had been 16 when Chris was born. He was conceived one night when she had got drunk and had sex, both for the first time. Her parents had respected her wish that she be allowed to give birth and raise the baby boy. She had worked hard, both in school and in her various after school jobs. It hadn’t been easy but now at the age of thirty-two, she had her own business and was quite proud of her son.

Chris had his father’s good looks and his mother’s intelligence. At least she liked to think so. He played one sport after the other and always seemed to be on his way to some sort of workout. As a result Chris had a body that just wouldn’t quit. Broad shoulders and huge pecs drew down to a slim waist of washboard abs. And when he wore shorts Heather couldn’t (more…)

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Mother and Son A Family History

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My father was a good man, but a poor husband to my mother. Still, the year after he passed on was hard on her, and she took to drinking more and more. I didn’t like seeing her drink, and would probably have turned out some kind of delinquent out of doors, but she seemed to want me with her all the time. I guess this was a pretty hard time for both of us. Anyway, she grew very possessive. She didn’t have any sense for my privacy, and I was thirteen and had grown old enough to want it. We had no locks on any of the doors in our house; for some reason we never knew, the people who had moved out before us had taken all the keys with them. Pretty often, Mama would walk in on me as I changed or as I used the bathroom. And she wouldn’t excuse herself and leave. It was like there was nothing strange in it. I didn’t like it. It embarrassed me, and I was self-conscious. I must have said something sometimes. I (more…)

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Mother and Son A Rube’s Story

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I seen lots an’ lots a’ stories ’round here ’bout mothers fuckin’ their sons an’ sons fuckin’ their mothers, an’ I’m here t’ say most all of ‘em are bullshit — pure bullshit. All them mothers got tits like melons, an ass like a sixteen-year-old boy’s, an’ a cunt like a clenched fist. All them fuckers got a ten-inch cock. Mammy say things like, *Ohh baby… fuck my tight, hot, juicy pussy with your steel-hard fuck-stick,* an’ baby sprouts a limb when’er he likes an’ shoots his pint a’ jism on the quarter-hour.

I kin jes’ ‘magine the sorry-assed wanna-be-mother-fuckers that write this shit. If’n one a’ these assholes’ real-life dams was t’ flop onta her back an’ ‘itch her legs in the air fer him, the boy’ld wilt — he’d crap hisself, curl his tail ‘tween his legs, an’ scamper ‘way yelpin’. Mos’ fellers jes’ don’t lust after the ol’ women the way they does after the young cooze — that’s a fact. (more…)

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Mother and Son My Mother, My Whore

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My fascination with my hot, sexy, voluptuous, very attractive, hot-bodied, leggy and busty mother began when I was around fourteen years old. That’s when I started to view her as a sex object and not as my mother. All my many masturbation sessions were fueled by lewd thoughts of my mother running wild in my head. Lewd thoughts I knew I shouldn’t be thinking, but was unable to control.

I guess that’s when my obsession with my mother began. An obsession, that three years later, would lead me to formulate a plan to seduce my mother into fucking for her own son. I was at the point of no return, I had to try. I was willing to suffer whatever consequences occurred. I didn’t want to go through life regretting not at least attempting a pass at my mother (more…)

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Mother and Son Mom to the Second Power

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I am a breast man. Don’t get me wrong, I like the other parts of a woman also. I enjoy a pair of shapely legs. Especially the ones that start at the ground and go up to make a perfect ass of themselves. I love the feel of pubic hair and the taste, feel and smell of a hot, wet pussy. But I am drawn to breast. I like all sizes and shape of breasts. My favorites are round and firm and sag slightly when the bra is removed. The kind that you can lift slightly and feel their weight. When I have a chance to touch them I do so with reverence. To caress and suckle a breast is almost a religious experience.

I guess this passion for breast started when I was in 5th grade. I woke up one Saturday morning and went into my parent’s room to see when they were going to get up. Mom and dad (more…)

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