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This is a true story about me, my twin sister, my cousin and brother. It happened a couple of weeks ago when my parents went on vacation to Mexico. My name is Shawna and I'm fourteen years old. I have strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, weigh 105 lbs., I'm 4'10" tall, I have 34b boobs and my pussy hair is very sparse. I have a sister who is my identical twin and her name is Tawny. My cousin is seventeen, and her name is Kelly, and she is 5'4" tall, she has long blonde hair and kinda' blue-green eyes, she weighs 110 lbs., has 36c tits, and her pussy is shaved bare. My brother's name is Michael and he is sixteen, weighs 200 lbs., has green eyes, brown hair to his shoulders, he's 5'11" tall, and plays football. He also has a hot, throbbing eight and a half inch cock that is just totally gorgeous! Now that you all know what we look like, I'm ready to tell you how it came about that we all started fucking each other! I hope you all like this story and I hope it gets all y'all hot and horny and makes you masturbate hearing our incestuous escapades!!

My parents went on a trip to Mexico for a vacation and before they left they asked Kelly to come and stay with us and keep an eye on us more or less just to ease their minds a little. She's a great girl and we knew we were gonna have some fun with her watching us for a week! I mean she really likes to party and have a good time!

After my parents left for the airport Kelly said she had to take a shower and get ready for a date she had that night. Me and Tawny sat down in front of the tube kinda' mad we couldn't go out on a Friday night. Well, anyway, I had to pee real bad so I went into the bathroom and when I walked in Kelly was shaving her pussy! I was kinda embarrassed 'cause I was a virgin and all and really didn't know what she was shaving her cunt for. I said, "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know you were still in here and not dressed yet."

Then she said, " Oh, that's o.k., I was just shaving myself for my date tonight."

I was really curious about why she was doing that; I thought she might've had crabs or something. She was pretty nonchalant about it too so I figured it wasn't that abnormal so I asked her why she was doing it.

She said, "'Cause it feels a lot better when a guy fucks you, plus it really turns guys on."

Now I was shocked!! I mean, we never talked about stuff like this. To tell the truth I was getting kind of excited about the whole thing! Just then, Tawny came to the bathroom and asked what was going on? Then she saw what Kelly was doing and asked her why she was doing it.

I said, "'Cause it feels better when a guy fucks you and they really like it shaved." Then she asked how would I know and Kelly said, "'Cause I told her." So me and Tawny watched her 'til she got done. It was all smooth and slick looking, and I told her so. Then Kelly, shocked us both by asking us, " Do you want to touch it and see what it feels like?" Tawny said, " I will if Shawna will." You know, kinda' like a dare or something. So, I said, " O.K., but you first." So Tawny reached over and cupped Kelly's pussy with her hand and squeezed it and then ran her hand up and down Kelly's pussy a coupla times. Then she said it was my turn. So I reached out and squeezed her cunt and rubbed it up and down and Kelly said that it felt really good and that if we didn't stop she wouldn't have to go out on a date tonight and then she kind of chuckled.

Me and Tawny both agreed that it felt really smooth and wouldn't mind our own being shaved like that. Kelly said she would be glad to shave ours for us if we wanted her to. So we agreed to let her do it.

At this point I was really hot and horny and I'm sure Tawny was too. After we took off our clothes and I saw her pussy and saw that it was glistening a little I knew she was hot. So, anyway Kelly lathered up my pussy first and it felt really good. I had to pretend she wasn't exciting me 'cause I thought if I let it show, she and Tawny would think I was a lesbian or something. After she did me she did Tawny and we both admired each other's hairless little peach.

Tawny asked me if I wanted to touch hers and if I wanted her to touch mine just to feel what the other's was like and I said sure. I rubbed her pussy and she rubbed mine and I swear I almost exploded it felt so good!! As a matter of fact it felt so good that I shuddered and let a small moan escape my mouth.

Kelly said, " It looks like somebody here is pretty fucking horny for her sister!" And then she and Tawny giggled. I felt embarrassed but they didn't seem to mind so I didn't say anything.

Then Kelly asked, " Have either of you ever fucked a guy before?" I said no and so did Tawny. Then kelly asked," Have either of you ever done it with a girl before?" We both said no and that was lezzie stuff and we weren't lezzies.

Kelly said, "Just because you do it with another girl doesn't mean your a lesbian. It feels really good to fuck another girl. Have you ever played with your own little pussies before?"

I said that I had and Tawny said, " No Way! You're not supposed to do that, it's supposed to be dirty to do stuff like that to yourself!" And I said, " Don't lie! I've heard you before at night in your bed playing with yourself and don't try and deny it! She blushed and her face turned really red and that just proved she was lying. So then Kelly asked if we wanted her to show us how to do each other and I was so fucking hot at that point that I would have fucked the bedpost if I thought it would get me off. So I said I was willing if Tawny was. She said sure and so Kelly said she'd do us one at a time so we could see how it felt.

We went to our bedroom and Kelly laid down on the floor and said, "Shawna, get on top of me and straddle your cunt over my face and Tawny watch what I'm doing. Pay close attention so you'll be able to eat pussy like a pro." So I straddled over Kelly's body and sat my pussy right over her mouth with me facing her feet. Then I felt her tongue lick up my hot snatch to my clit. GOD! it felt so fucking good!! She licked up and down on my pussy a few times then she stuck her tongue up inside of my hole and it was warm and wet. I started shaking it felt so good! Then I stretched out and put my head between her legs and started doing the same thing she was doing to me. I licked up and down her slit and it tasted kind of tangy. Kelly started fucking her cunt up into my face and said, "That's it baby! Eat my pussy really good! You're making my little cunt so hot!"

That just egged me on so I started to tongue-fuck her hole and nibble on her clit. She about went through the roof. Meanwhile my pussy was on the brink of exploding all over her face! I was gyrating my snatch all over her face. All of a sudden she stuck her tongue into my asshole! That felt really good! She started fucking my ass with her tongue going in and out and in and out and she reached her hand up and rubbed my clit at the same time and I exploded all over her face! She kept rubbing my pussy a little bit while I sucked on hers and I swear I came again!!

Then she said, "Are you ready for it baby? I'm gonna cum really good for you!!" Then her whole body spasmed and she fucked her cunt into my face and ground it around in my face and came really hard. It tasted great. After we settled down and stopped cumming we looked up and Tawny had two fingers jammed into her hot little snatch just fingering away. Kelly crawled up between her legs and said,"Let me do that for you sweetie. I'll make it feel a lot better."

So Tawny laid on her back and Kelly crawled between her legs so she could get at Tawny's pussy a lot better. Kelly told Tawny, "Pull your legs up where your feet are touching your ass and spread your knees out so I can lick every bit of your hot little cunt!"

Tawny did as she was told and I swear, I have never seen anything so sexy in all my life! Her cunt was slick, pink and wet and looked really hot! Kelly stuck her tongue out and ran it up the length of my sister's pussy right up to her clit. Tawny moaned and shook from the pleasure she was receiving. Kelly licked all over her pussy and tongue-fucked her hole like she did mine. She also reached underneath herself and started slowly teasing her own pussy. She was working Tawny's cunt for all she was worth. Tawny was really hot and excited and said to Kelly, "That's it, eat my hot little fuck-hole! You love eating my pussy don't you! God you're making me so fucking hot!"

Then Kelly put both her hands underneath Tawny's ass and kinda lifted her up a little so she could get at her pussy even better. Then she did the same thing she had done to me. She started licking Tawny's asshole and stuck her tongue into Tawny's ass and frenched it like she did me. Tawny was going wild, thrashing all over the bed and panting really hard and moaning. Kelly was finger fucking Tawny's pussy while she ate her ass. Then I decided to get into the act and knelt down over the bed and put my face right into Kelly's ass and started licking her asshole.

God! I was so fucking drunk on sex I couldn't get enough of it. So here I was, licking our cousin's asshole and sticking my tongue into her hole, while finger fucking my own snatch, and while my twin sister was grinding her cunt up into our cousin's face when what do you think happened? You guessed it! Our brother Mike walked into the room and caught all of us!

"What in the FUCK! is going on in here?", Mike said.

We all stopped what we were doing and turned toward him, all of us pretty scared as to what he would do. Would he tell on us? Call the police?

Kelly said, "Well Mike, what the FUCK! does it look like we're doing? We sure ain't baking cookies! Now, you can tell on us if you want to but I'm sure you'd like what we could do to that lump in your pants instead of getting us into trouble, don't you?"

I swear, Mike's jaw about hit the floor! He started stammering and stuttering, "I,I,I,I,I, wasn't gonna' tell on ya' or anything like that. Y'all just caught me by surprise that's all. Do y'all want me to leave or stay and join ya', or just sit back and watch or what?"

Kelly said, "Why don't you take off your clothes so we can get a good look at that cock of yours. Your sisters need a good one to practice on 'cause they're still virgins and want to know what it's like to get fucked!"

Mike was out of his clothes in about 0.2 seconds flat. His hot throbbing cock was so engorged with blood that it was steadily bouncing up and down. Kelly cupped her hand and spit in it and then reached over and grabbed Mike's prick and ran her hand up and down on it jerking him off.

"Do you like that Mike?", she said. "I'll bet your cock is about eight or nine inches and it feels pretty thick."

Mike just took in a breath and told us, "Man, I'm about to cum already!"

Kelly wrapped her lips around his cock and Mike groaned and his body jerked and he said, "Oh yeah, that's it baby!! Suck out all my fuckin' jizz!!"

We could see Kelly swallowing so we knew she was eating his sperm.

I told her, "Let me have some of that cum, I want to see what it tastes like!"

Kelly waited til Mike was done shooting and crawled over to me and Frenched me letting Mike's sperm spill into my mouth. We swapped his cum and kissed for awhile rubbing each other's pussy the whole time. When we broke our kiss we looked over and saw Mike and Tawny were sprawled out in a 69 position and Tawny was trying to jam Mike's cock as far down her throat as it would go. Kelly cheered her on.

"That's it you little slut! Suck your brother's cock and make him cum in your mouth!"

I crawled over and took Mike's cock from Tawny and told her not to hog it all, to share with her twin sister.

Kelly told Mike, "Hey why don't you let me get some of that cock in my ass before I have to leave for my date!"

Me and Tawny agreed we'd like to see that so Mike got behind Kelly who was on her hands and knees and lined his cockhead up with her asshole.

Tawny said, "Wait Mike. Her hole isn't slick enough. Let me lube it up for you."

So she got behind Kelly and stuck her tongue into her asshole and reamed her really good. After she got Kelly's asshole slick with spit she drooled some all over Mike's cock and said, "I think y'all are ready for some cornholing action now!"

So then Mike nudged his cockhead against Kelly's asshole and started to press it into her. He said, "This ain't hurting too bad is it?"

Kelly said, "No, it's a good hurt. Now hurry up and fuck my ass and don't make me late!" So Mike jammed the rest of his cock into her asshole and Kelly moaned and said, "That feels so fucking good! Give it to me hard Mike! Rip my asshole apart!"

Mike started slamming his cock into her ass as hard as he could. Me and Tawny were lazily stroking each other's cunt while Mike and Kelly fucked. He gave it to her hard for about fifteen minutes and said, "Here I go! I'm gonna' blow again!"

Kelly moved forward off of his cock and turned around and stuffed his prick into her mouth furiously bobbing her head up and down. I was amazed! He was just fucking her in the ass and here she was sucking his cock! Anyway, she kept on sucking and Mike grabbed her head and jammed his cock into her mouth as far as he could and grunted. Kelly gagged and Mike exploded his sperm into her mouth again. Kelly gagged so hard that a couple of streams came drooling out of her nostrils. She kept on sucking til Mike was drained of every drop of semen though. Then Tawny lit my pussy on fire when she put her face in front of Kelly's and started to suck up the cum from her nose. I swear it's true!

"I wanted to see what it tasted like too", she explained.

"Well I'm gonna' go clean up and then I have to go", Kelly said. "Thanks for the buttfuck Mike. Maybe if your sisters don't wear you out before I get home we can fuck some more. See ya'll later!"

We all said bye, then Mike said, "Why don't you two eat each other's pussy for me til my cock gets hard again and then ya'll can suck it together and then I'll fuck both of ya'."

That sounded good so me and Tawny got into a 69 with her on top. Mike was watching, stroking his flaccid penis. Tawny was giving it to me really good and I had her clit between my teeth chewing on it when Mike got up to join us.

"Will ya'll suck my cock for me just a little bit? I think it would be so hot to have both of your mouths on my prick at the same time with your tongues touching and all."

So we said, "Sure, that sounds like it might be pretty fuckin' hot at that!"

Then me and Tawny started running our tongues up and down each side of his cock at the same time. We made sure to let our tongues touch as much as possible to get Mike really hot. Each time we did he would moan just a little. Then I eased my lips over his cockhead and flicked my tongue all around it and then raked my teeth over the bulbous head of his cock and he shivered.

"Your turn sis!" I said.

So she sucked his cock into her mouth and tongued him for awhile. Then me, then her back and forth, back and forth. Mike was leaking precum the whole time which tasted delicious. It kind of spurted out here and there and we would lick it up and share it with each other. Mike was getting into it and started fucking in and out of our mouths the closer he got to blowing his load. "For my sisters, you two are fucking incredible! You're both so fucking hot I can't wait to fuck you both!", he said. "But first I want to cum on both of your faces and watch you both eat it off each other's face!"

He took his cock out of Tawny's mouth and stood up and told us both to get in front of him. He started jacking his cock which was a real turn on for me and said, "Here I go! Get ready for my sperm!"

We each stuck out our tongues then touched them together as he stroked his cock a couple more times then he unleashed a big load all over my face then Tawny's face and both of our tongues. We faced each other and were French-kissing sharing Michael's hot creamy sperm between us. God! it was so fucking delicious, I just couldn't get enough of it! After me and Tawny slurped up every last drop of sperm we attacked Michael's cock with a vengeance to get him hard again.

"Yeah, that's it you hot little cocksuckers! Slob my knob so I can fuck those hot little cunts of yours! Then I'm gonna' ream both of your assholes so I can cum all over your faces again! Man I STILL can't believe how hot both of you are!"

Mike rambled on and on while me and Tawny slurped on his prick. After Mike's dick got hard again I lay on top of Tawny where both of our pussies were touching each other and told Mike, "Take turns fucking us both for awhile. Remember we're both virgins so take it easy at first."

Mike lined his cock up with my slit and started pushing in a little at a time. Finally he got against my cherry and just eased it on through. It hurt a little bit but I was so fucking hot and horny I didn't care and just wanted him to pummel my hot little twat for all he was worth.

I told him, "Now take it out and break Tawny's cherry before you give it to us both really hard and fast!"

So he withdrew his prick and started feeding it into Tawny's hot little cunt until she gasped in pain and he broke her cherry. Then she said, "Now give me a hot fucking I can remember for the rest of my life!"

So I started French-kissing Tawny while Mike banged her hot little cunt. He sawed his cock in and out of her pussy making her squeal with delight. She was grinding her cunt back up at his prick on every downstroke he made. He fucked her for about ten minutes and I said, "Hey don't be stingy with the cock! My little cunt needs some attention too!"

So he took his cock out of her pussy and lined it up with mine again and just slammed it home. I was so fucking horny that I was ramming my cunt back into his cock as he slammed it into me. He fucked me for about fifteen minutes driving his cock in and out with tremendous force and all of a sudden I screamed, "YES! I'M FUCKING CUMMING! GOD IT FEELS SO FUCKING FANTASTIC! OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!"

And my little twat just exploded over his cock the muscles of my pussy milking and stroking and grabbing his prick as he continued to fuck my pussy. After my orgasm subsided he withdrew his cock and stuffed it back into Tawny's little cunt again and started to savagely pound away at her gooey slit. In and out he went just like some kind of fuck machine. After about ten minutes I saw Tawny's body tense up and with a hard upward thrust of her cunt she came all over Mike's cock.


She was turning me on all over again. Mike said as he withdrew his cock from her twat, "Why don't you both eat each other's asshole and get it really slick so I can buttfuck both of you?"

So I got behind Tawny who now was on all fours and jammed my tongue up her asshole. I Frenched her ass til she was really lubed up with spit and then I turned around so she could tongue my asshole. She first spit a big glob of saliva on my asshole and stuck it inside of my ass with two of her fingers then started reaming me out with her tongue. It felt so good; I was insatiable with lust! After we were both lubed up Mike told us to line up side by side so he could take turns fucking our assholes. After we did he spit onto his hand and stroked it up and down his cock a few times then lined his prick up with Tawny's asshole. He just pressed it into her hole very easy like then after he got a few inches in he sank his prick in the rest of the way and just held it there for a few seconds.

Tawny said, "God I feel so stuffed with cock I can't believe it! It hurts just a little bit but it feels so fucking good!"

Mike said, "God Tawny, your asshole is so fucking tight! Squeeze my cock with your ass muscles! Yeah, baby, that's it! Milk my cock!"

Then Mike started working his prick in and out of Tawny's little hole really slow so he could get the full effect. He fucked her ass for a little while and then pulled out and moved over to my asshole. He eased his cock into my little butt just like he did Tawny's. God I can't describe the sensation! Except to say that it felt sinfully delicious! After getting all of his meat in my backdoor he started to easily fuck me while I finger-fucked my hot little slit.

I told him, "Come on Mike! Bang the fuck out of my asshole! Fuck me like you mean it!"

So he started to forcefully fuck my asshole while I diddled my little love button. He fucked me for a good while then withdrew and jammed it back into Tawny's asshole. She was playing with her pussy while he fucked her ass too and after a bit she told Mike to give it to her hard she was about to cum. So Mike sped up and Tawny's body tensed up and she came again from Mike's cock in her asshole.

"Yeah baby, that's it. Your asshole is milking my prick so fucking hard I'm not gonna' last much longer."

I said, "Hurry up and get back in my ass before you spew your load! I want to get off too!"

So he hurriedly changed asses. He just went and jammed it into my ass and picked up where he left off. It didn't take too much of his pummeling my asshole and me fingering myself to bring me off. My whole body just exploded from the feeling of Mike's cock pounding my asshole.

After I was done cumming I told Tawny, "Let's suck the sperm from his cock like Kelly did after he fucked her asshole!"

She said, "Yeah, that was fucking hot when she sucked his cock after being in her asshole!"

Then Mike said, "Well you both better hurry 'cause I'm about ready to explode!"

So we turned around and attacked his cock, me gorging my mouth on it first. It tasted so fucking delicious with her ass and mine on it at the same time. I bobbed up and down on his cock for awhile then switched with Tawny who practically gagged herself with his prick. She sucked him for about two minutes when he said breathlessly, "I...I'm....Gonna.... Fucking blow!!"

Tawny just kept on sucking his cock and all of a sudden Mike's body jerked real hard and he jammed his cock into Tawny's mouth and erupted. It was quite a big load and she couldn't handle it. A bunch came spewing out of the corner of her mouth and I got underneath her chin and let it drip into my mouth swallowing the thick creamy ropy strings of sperm that were oh so delicious! After Mike got done creaming her mouth me and Tawny shared a kiss and the rest of Mike's sperm. We ate it up like kittens at the milk saucer. We kissed and tongued his sperm inside of each other's mouths. After we were done we all snuggled together and Mike said, "You two are the best sister's a guy could have. And Kelly is the best cousin a guy could have. I think we will have a lot of fun with each other from here on out." Me and Tawny agreed as we fell asleep each with a hand on our brother's cock and a hand on each other's hairless little cunt. We didn't even wake up when Kelly got home from her date.

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